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Kensington Australia
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  • Enhance Productivity

    With customizable buttons, fast scrolling and cursor precision
  • Comfortable Computing

    Ergonomists recommend trackballs
  • Space Saving

    Stationary design maximizes your workspace


Get the Ball Rolling

It's simple. When you're more comfortable, you're more productive. For years, graphic designers and others have enjoyed the comfort and productivity that trackballs deliver. Now you can too. Trackballs require far less wrist movement than a mouse to provide a pain-free computing experience. They also use less desk space, and can even be programmed for customized computing.

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  • Expert Mouse® Wireless Trackball
    Expert Mouse® Wireless Trackball

    The Expert Mouse Wireless Trackball gives you the freedom to be hyper-productive without being limited by a USB cable. The trackball can be paired through Bluetooth® 4.0 LE to save a valuable USB port, or connected via USB nano receiver. TrackballWorks™ software offers incredible customization,...

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    $149.95 72359
  • Expert Mouse® Wired Trackball
    Expert Mouse® Wired Trackball

    The Expert Mouse Wired Trackball is the ultimate productivity enhancer that makes working at the desk quicker, more accurate and extremely comfortable for your hand and wrist. Featuring DiamondEye technology, the trackball uses optical tracking to precisely follow small flecks embedded in the...

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    $129.95 64325
  • SlimBlade™ Trackball
    SlimBlade™ Trackball

    Kensington TrackballWorks™ idea: Your trackball, your rules. Download Kensington TrackballWorks™ software to customise the functions of each of the buttons found on this Kensington trackball. The result is a more productive and truly personalized computing experience. Set your preferred...

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    $159.95 72327
  • Orbit® Wireless Mobile Trackball
    Orbit® Wireless Mobile Trackball

    Offering a precise, compact and versatile experience, the Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball has everything mobile professionals need for comfort and productivity. It offers better ergonomics, with less wrist and hand movement that will ease the pain of repetitive-stress injuries. With no cables to...

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    $84.95 72352
  • Orbit® Trackball with Scroll Ring
    Orbit® Trackball with Scroll Ring

    All-day comfort and scrolling come together in the Kensington Orbit™ Trackball with Scroll Ring. The Scroll Ring allows you to fly through web pages and documents. And all while delivering comfort and space savings no mouse can match.

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    $74.95 72337