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ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Locks - Duo Lockheads

Secure Your POS iPad® with Security that Won’t Hinder Mobility

ClickSafe® Keyed Laptop Locks - Duo Lockheads



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About This Product

The iPad makes a great Point-of-Sale (POS) Tool that’s a big hit with both business owners and customers. There’s just one problem: the lack of a security anchor makes the iPad popular with opportunistic thieves, too. That’s why we developed the Kensington ClickSafe® Point 2 Point Keyed Lock. It’s the perfect solution for securing an iPad to a POS stand, for security that’s both easy to use and won’t interfere with the user experience. Just click the ClickSafe Point 2 Point Lock to the anchor on your SecureBack™ enclosure, and then connect the other side to either the included ClickSafe anchor point or one of many popular POS stands, including those from HubWorks, Solvelt, and Square. Now take a deep breath—your iPad is secure without limiting its mobility, sleekness or functionality. No lock is easier to use or more tamper resistant. The ClickSafe Point 2 Point Keyed Lock secures in just one click with no keys and no fiddling. And the ClickSafe lock utilizes a virtually pick-proof disc-style locking head for the ultimate in security and peace of mind. Even the cable itself it easy to use, stretching up to six feet and self coiling to stay neat and out of the way.


  • Dual head ClickSafe lock secures to both your SecureBack security case and ClickSafe Security Anchor.
  • ClickSafe secures in a click with no keys and no fiddling.
  • Nearly impenetrable disk style keyed locking mechanism.
  • Create the perfect anchor point with the included M6 or (wood screw) CSA anchor.
  • Compatible with popular POS stands, including those from HubWorks, Solvelt, and Square.
  • Portable cable stretches to 1.8m then self-coils to stay out of the way.
  • Can also secure any laptop with the included ClickSafe Security Anchor.



  • UPC: 085896649984
  • Lock Management: Standard
  • Best For: Chromebooks, Laptops
  • Cable Construction: 7x7
  • Cable Thickness (mm): 3.5
  • Access Type: Custom
  • Cable Type: Coiled
  • Engagement Type: T bar
  • Key Type: Flat Key
  • Security slot compatibility: Kensington Security Slot


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