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Tablet PCs are now a common sight in American homes and workplaces – but how are these incredible devices changing everyday life?

A Kensington.com survey asked, "How does plugged-in America start the day?"

American Male


Checking news websites and emails via tablet.


42.6% - Likely to communicate first thing in the morning. More likely to use their tablet in the bathroom.

American Female


Tablet social networking and TV.


55.7% - Likely to communicate first thing in the morning. More likely to use their tablet at home.

Just 23.3%

would rather speak with a significant other


of Americans are more likely to reach for their tablet than speak with their partner – checking news sites, emails or social media

Rural users are more likely to speak than their urban counterparts – though they’re also most likely to sneak a peek at their work emails

Women are nearly twice as likely to speak to a significant other

Young Adult American

Age: 23

22.8% - Likely to be an Apple user.
19.6% - Most likely to interact with work colleagues.

American Senior

Age: 64

18.4% - Unlikely to start the day with a digital task.
23.7% - More likely to watch TV.

More younger people start their day on social media

34.6% of 18 to 34 year olds compared with just 1.6% aged 65+

More Americans check in with social media than watch TV

Watching TV is popular only with 55-64 year olds (23.7%)

18-24 year olds are the biggest early-morning users of news websites

25-34 year olds are work focused: they’re the group most likely to check in with work colleagues or emails

20% of all home tablet PC usage is in the bathroom

13.8% of people in the Western United States use their tablet in the bathroom

Tablet users in the Northeast, East and South are more likely to check social media before those in the Midwest

Also in the Northeast, a stronger tendency to use tablets for work, gaming and photography

However, we’re also seeing a strong tendency to shop in the West

And watch out for tablet use in rural areas – we’re seeing greater enthusiasm for shopping, gaming and photography across rural America

How does America use its tablets?









Typical Low Earner

Income: Less than $25K

Least likely to speak with their family first thing in the morning (21.1%), most likely to use their tablet at home (52.5%), and more likely to shop on their tablet than a high earner.

Typical High Earner

Income: $75K-100K

Most likely to speak with their family first thing in the morning (35.3%), happy to use their tablet whilst travelling (32.4%), and more likely to own a tablet.

Americans earning $75,000 - $100,000 are the group most likely to use their tablet for work

Young Professional

Age: 24

Uses a tablet for work 12.5% of the time, and more likely to have checked a news website (18.5%).

Established Professional

Age: 45

Only 5.2% likely to use a tablet for work, and only 13% of peers check news websites.

18 to 24 year olds are nearly three times more likely to check their emails than 45-54 year olds

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