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GummyGrip™ Stylus for Kids

GummyGrip™ Stylus for Kids



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About This Product

The GummyGrip has a firm tip that’s highly durable, so it won’t wear out even after extended use. Because kids tend to put things in their mouths that they shouldn’t, Kensington designed the GummyGrip only with non-toxic materials in an ergonomic shape that’s ideal for small hands. A lanyard loop allows the stylus to be worn like a necklace, minimizing the chances for the stylus to get misplaced. It also fits perfectly into the stylus holder of the Kensington SafeGrip™ Rugged Case.


  • Firm, durable tip for drawing, writing, or selecting
  • Non-toxic materials safe for children
  • Lanyard loop so it won’t get misplaced
  • Ergonomic shape for kids’ hands
  • Fits perfectly into stylus holder on SafeGrip Rugged Case



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  • Firm, Durable Tip

    Firm, Durable Tip

    Allows for extended usage on a tablet without leaving fingerprints on the screen.

  • Non-Toxic Materials

    Completely safe if child put the stylus in his/her mouth or chews on it.

    Non-Toxic Materials
  • Lanyard Loop

    Lanyard Loop

    Convenient option that allows the stylus to be worn like a necklace, decreasing the chance the stylus can get misplaced or lost

  • Ergonomic Shaping

    Moulded specifically to fit with a small hand, making it easier to use and hold onto while interacting with a touch screen.

    Ergonomic Shaping